Administration Models and Management Tools


One of the vertical columns in the overall process/product model deals with the cooperation of subprojects I1 and B4. Both study the support for reactive process management in dynamic development processes. In this section we highlight the transition from application models developed in subproject I1 to tool models for reactive management of subproject B4. We summarize our findings w.r.t. the development of management tool models as well as their connections to application models. The section focuses on a process-oriented viewpoint. Products and resources of development processes can be discussed analogously. We identify the missing parts which need to be further investigated in order to get a comprehensive and integrated process/product model, here for reactive management.

Collaborative and Distributed Chemical Engineering. From Understanding to Substantial Design Process Support – Results of the IMPROVE Project LNCS, vol. 4970, pp. 300-36621-6286, Springer, 2008