A Management System Supporting Interorganizational Cooperative Development Processes in Chemical Engineering


Development processes in chemical engineering are hard to support. In particular, interorganizational development processes are concerned with the coordination of activities carried out by engineering teams distributed across several cooperating organizations. The management system AHEAD is based on long-term experience gathered in multiple application domains (soft- ware, mechanical, or chemical engineering). AHEAD sup- ports the management of dynamic interorganizational de- velopment processes by dynamic process views which al- low to manage the partial visibility of processes for ex- ternal organizations. AHEAD provides support for evolv- ing process views which are able to reflect the changes in evolving development processes. Process views serve as the basis for inter-process connection. Processes can be split top-down into subprocesses for different organizations or composed bottom-up of pre-existing processes from differ- ent organizations. Mixing top-down and bottom-up process planning and execution is possible. AHEAD allows process managers to monitor and control their intraorganizational development processes with all in- terorganizational connections to processes in cooperating organizations in a uniform modeling language

International Conference on Integrated Design and Process Technology (IDPT-2006), 25.-30.07.2006, San Diego, California, USA, 12 pages (2006)